Empoword, has been granted a bursary from HOME Slough, a group of art community organisations in the town. We will now be given the skills to record more of their performances for their new YouTube channel. This is to help the artists reach a wider audience. On Saturday, Empoword launched the platform at the YES Shop in Slough with the help of feature artist Poetcurious.

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Our first Spoken Word Workshop in Slough, in partnership with Empoword, was just fabulous. Participants aged between 12 – 70 were up on their feet, interacting and sharing ideas with one another, openly discussing everything under the sun; from lifetime fears to childhood toys and their love of trees. Every person in the session was challenged to think outside the box and left having created and written a stanza of poetry and a short story. It’s the most “teach a man to fish”/accomplishing/rewarding feeling to be able to fascilitate an environment where curious creatives can come together and explore different ways of voicing and documenting their stories. Feedback was encouraging and reinforced the necessity of collaboration in creativity for everyone to win. Looking forward to working together again in the near future. Big up Slough Express & Windsor Express for capturing the magic and celebrating the community.

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