Vidhu is an incredible poet and a wonderful person, entirely worthy of greater recognition. Her voice delights and informs in equal measure – audiences are swept along by her pieces and though they might enjoy them or feel challenged by them or saddened by their content – they are not the same having heard them – because you cannot ‘unhear’ what Vidhu has said and her thought provoking prose stay with you, long after the end of one of her events. She represents marginalised voices and puts them centre stage. Vidhu has not only strived to create a platform for herself, she is actively giving others a voice too, inspiring them and providing them with the courage to share their words and their worlds. It is a privilege to work with Vidhu and I hope I do so for many years to come. She is richly deserving of any award you can bestow on her.
– Rob Deeks
CEO, Aik Saath, Slough

Vidhu, under her performance guise BananaSharma, performed a beautiful set of spoken word at our Bunker Without Borders Festival. Her words were heartfelt, powerful, and moving, and her stage presence was electric. I can’t wait to have her back on our stage soon.
– Joshua McTaggart
Artistic Director, The Bunker Theatre, London

It was an absolute treat having BananaSharma at Folked Up. She has such a charming presence, everyone was utterly captivated by her. BananaSharma’s work and performance was perfect for our night, being down to earth in terms of content yet poignant and artistically skillful in language and delivery. Would love to have her back in the future.
– Jordan Walsh
Booking Manager, Folked Up, London

Short but sweet onstage, offstage Vidhu inspires confidence in everything she does. She has performed at a number of our showcase events and has raised the profile of spoken word enormously. Addressing so many issues for women and her heritage she is a great role model for young Asian women. At the time of our first encounter, she was studying at university performing at every opportunity periodically on university radio as a DJ entertainer and actively organising/ performing in events. Nothing has changed since obtaining her arts degree. She now works in Central London, performs all the time London, Slough, home Counties, internationally too, and is even taking classes for people interested in performing arts… Need I say more!
– Nods Sharma
Event Organiser, Iron Mic Showcase, London

Vidhu has been involved in the spoken word and arts scene from age 16, her intimate style, humour and empowering words have seen her collaborate with a variety of artists speaking on a number of topics. An area of focus has seen her take her passion of engaging with and working with young people in her community to deliver workshops designed to draw out and foster young people’s creative potential. These accessible workshops, tailored to children of different ages, have allowed children to recognise the potential of poetry as an outlet and grasp how creative inspiration can be found in all aspects of life. Having participated in workshops for older individuals, Vidhu’s inclusive style allows participants to share in a safe environment and tap into their creative sides in a relatively short amount of time and challenges participants to stay curious.
– Parshotam Selopal
Recruitment Officer, Frontline, London / Adult Workshop Participant

I attended the workshop to see if I could escape from the confides of my normal daily thought processes – by the end of the workshop, I felt a real sense of escape.
I enjoyed being encouraged to think outside of my comfort zones, using my abstract thoughts (which are usually pushed to the back of my mind in my corporate day to day) to create a piece of the written word, that I would be proud to present to family & friends. In fact – I kept the poem that I wrote, using the inspiration and guidance BananaSharma provided.
– Chloe Moss
Publishing Executive, Property Investor Europe (PIE), London / Adult Workshop Participant